A global trader of crude oil and refined petroleum products
IVEEX managment
and trading team!

Has years of experience as a physical trader and distributor of petroleum products in it´s focus markets

IVEEX uses leased fleet

Of regional vessels that enhances our services to better serve our customers and
limiting capital exposure to shipping.

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Strength & Expertise

IVEEX is a physical commodity trading and distribution company that imports, stores, wholesales, transports and distributes petroleum products. IVEEX´s experienced trading and operations team combine with our business relationships to provide access to both crude oil and refined products. We provide our trading partners and customers with advanced logistics and financial solutions at every stage of the supply chain.

Market Opportunities

International energy market in petroleum are constantly shifting which opens up trading opportunities in new and traditional markets of Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. IVEEX strives to identify and satisfy these situations with special focus on more challenging situations due to small size, financing issues or supply logistic complexities. IVEEX is always moving to expand its capabilities in trading and logistics to better service existing and new markets and by matching market conditions to our clients’ needs.

Partnership & Business Model

We have established a sound financial base at IVEEX, which provides us the resources necessary to operate globally and to offer its clients attractive proposals in terms of price and payment conditions. Our strategic plan has established mid-term and long-term goals to increase our trading volumes, portfolio of crude oil and refined products, and expand our trading and distribution in Latin America, Asia, Europe and West Africa.


With a long experience in physical trading and distribution of petroleum products, we focus on our client’s service and satisfaction with efficient and innovative solutions.

Purchasing of crude & products.

IVEEX constantly strives to provide the better service and logistic solutions to find the most efficient price-quality proposal available for our clients.

Processing & blending

We have a long experience and technical knowledge in blending and analysis to guarantee the compliance of the quality specification of the crude oils and oil products supplied to our clients.


Our Trading team is continually focused on developing businesses opportunities in Latin America, Europe, Asia and West Africa by expanding a dynamic and adaptable trading network.

Transport & Logistics

We have extensive experience and expertise to handle all types of shipping, storage, delivery and logistics challenges. IVEEX always provides this service to our clients in order to complete transactions in a time efficient, safe and environmentally responsible way.

IVEEX – Registered in Instanbul, is a company that brings the expertise and financial support necessary for international energy trading to provide the better service and solutions to the end consumers in order to meet their energy needs within a fast growing markets. We are currently registered to trade with refineries, other trading companies, major oil companies, power providers, bunkering suppliers, and state oil companies.

Current Offices / Phone / E-Mail

Phone: +44-(773)-364-74-03

Phone: +90 (545) 356.4686
VENEZUELA 🇻🇪: Parque Central, Torre OESTE, Piso 12 Caracas, Venezuela

Phone: +58 (0212) 3249471 / +58 0424-2349132

E-MAIL:  presidencia@iveexpro.com / miguel.s@advappr.com /  miguelj.silvap@gmail.com
Strategical Alliances:
Plus Corp  www.plus.gs
Advanced Apraisal Group  www.addappr.com